An app for a safe, inclusive and more human workplace for All.

Replace multiple unconnected tools and platforms with a simple easy to use from anywhere smart-
phone app.

Leverage AnonyMoose’s instant, direct communication. Employees and employers simply use their
smartphones to communicate anonymously.

AnonyMoose features that empower workplaces.


Set-up open, anonymous lines of communication between employees and leadership from specific departments.

Pulsing – Polls & Surveys

Draft and send rapid polls for all or select staff. Provide single-tap answers on anything you wish to measure.


Empower employeesto submit sensitive incident reports. Tools include attachment options to submit anonymously to leadership.


Empower employeesto submit sensitive incident reports. Tools include attachment options to submit anonymously to leadership.

Additional features to gather culture insights


The Insights Dashboard allows management to view analytics and reports. Analytics include viewing polls and survey results. View all messages and reported incidents. Manage messages and setup notifications.

Control Center

Use the control panel to setup and manage everything. Manage Users, Openlines, Hotlines, Polls and Surveys. Allow management and leadership to be accessible to employees.

AnonyMoose Web

View and manage all conversations and messages, using features such as urgency levels, status, assigning notes, viewing past activities on a conversation, filtering, sorting, searching etc.

Moose AI
(coming up)

All messages are scanned by our proprietary AI algorithms to analyzes trends, identify patterns, employee sentiment analysis and organizational risk associated.

How AnonyMoose as a tool can help
in efficient communication management

Culture Improvement

Open suggestion box for all key teams including: Ops, HR and Leadership. Support communication, innovation and personal value.


Gather input on products, processes or other areas. A content workforce willingly contributes, increasing opportunity for success.

Emp. Pulsing (Polls and Surveys)

Eliminate blind spots. Send quick polls, surveys or ask for free form input. Track employee sentiment and connect the dots enabling practical, feasibly proactive measures.

Health & Safety

Flag risks and recommendations from your workforce, whether from the remote office, campus, factory or field. Welcome and build trust.

Risk & Compliance

Identify behaviors or processes increasing company risk. Reduce liability, toxicity and unfairness.

Addressing Microaggressions

Provide a genuine environment for employees to increase awareness on microaggressions, allow them to note and communicate observations; gather input for critical education.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Provide a trusted space for team members to voice input and ideas pertaining to DE&I.

Our promise to our Clients


AnonyMoose provides employees with a safe environment that encourages private communication. Employee and employer data are encrypted at all times. Identities and data are always anonymous and never released by the app.


Organizations thrive when they embrace truth and fairness. Business environments benefit when they hear every voice and empower employees to speak up. AnonyMoose delivers faith in DE&I.


AnonyMoose assures every employee a trusted communications channel. Each can be heard at senior levels of an organization. Assuring a healthier work environment also reduces risk and increases opportunity.

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