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By adding your unique perspective, you become an active participant in change.

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Push for honest conversations.

It’s not easy to speak your mind, but honesty and action are what push a company forward. Our belief is, that anonymity makes it easier for you to share honest, authentic feedback and feelings with leadership. By setting the stage for open dialogue our mission is to create cultures that use communication as a vehicle for change.

AnonyMoose is here to help you and your workplace create a welcoming environment to develop a culture of openness, empowerment and fairness for all.

Four paths to greatly improve communication
with workplace leaders.


The AnonyMoose App is your key to anonymously communicating honestly and directly with management. Share authentic feedback, ideas, suggestions and observations – and it supports various types of attachments too.

Employee Pulsing

Participate in real-time polls and surveys by offering your answers, opinions, inputs and feedback.


Be in touch with reality and never miss an important announcement or reminder or deadline for an important mandatory training.


Reporting sensitive issues can be tricky. Use anonymous confidential incident reporting to make leadership aware of unacceptable behavior. And the chat remains open for you to provide additional information or get updates.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) for a fair, empowered workplace.

Our objective is to help solve a humanity challenge. To make your work experiences welcoming and fair. We want to help assure civility, personal value and equity for All.

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