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A mobile app that revolutionizes employee engagement, participation and involvement

Empower employees to share ideas, feedback and report incidents without fear of consequences, embarrassment or hesitation

Improve workplace culture, save costs, avoid lawsuits, improve image and capture data on employee behavior in the most effective way

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Revolutionize Participation and Combat Harassment in Workplace

Woices allows Employees to report incidents and provide ideas, suggestions and feedback to someone from top management Instantly, Privately, and Discreetly, by keeping their identities hidden.

Working Women Discuss Woices

How Does It Work?

Woices can be setup and enabled for a company in a matter of hours. Once configured, employees will be empowered to report any incident of Sexual Harassment easily and quickly.
  • 1
    Download the app and access the company phone book with the configured company contacts that will be receiving the incident information
  • 2
    Send a discreet, anonymous message with image, location and other attachments.
  • 3
    The company contact instantly receives the message. Name of the person reporting the incident is not revealed.

Woices can be custom configured for each company

The standard features are

Employees are able to send messages only to chosen members of management that have been appointed to receive these messages

Only selected eligible employees can install and use the app

Supports two-way chat

Employee can control their chat history and overall messaging

App can be pin protected

App can support image, location and other attachments

Users can be blocked for inappropriate use of app

Dashboard For Management

Provides reports, ability to manage messages and set notifications and more throughout.

Admin Panel

Helps a company get self started with the app in a matter of hours

The Team

Sonali Siddha

Founder and Thought Leader

Sonali is the Founder of Woices. She is a Computer Science post-grad, with 12 years of experience in USA. A news article related to female feticide made her create “Nidarr” (Fearless in Hindi language) app to prevent exploitation of and crimes against women and children. Nidarr subsequently evolved into Woices – an app to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. Sonali is responsible for product strategy and direction. She is a mother of two and an active Yoga practitioner with a keen interest in organic lifestyle and thoughtful resource consumption.

Ulysses Wong

Co-Founder and CEO

Ulysses is a Co-Founder and CEO of Woices. He is an experienced global CEO and executive leader of public and private technology companies. Prior to his current role, Ulysses led the Enbi Group’s (portfolio company of Platinum Equity) global workforce and facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia, to serve and collaborate with Enbi’s customers and business partners – resulting in a successful liquidity event. Previously, Ulysses held senior executive business and customer engagement positions at international corporations including Flex, Logitech, and IBM. In addition to CEO, Ulysses other leadership roles include General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Product Management, Supply Chain Management, and Systems Engineering. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Santa Clara University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of California. Ulysses professional ethics, respect for the individual, inclusivity, and high focus on company culture were honed from his multiple leadership experiences. Ulysses enjoys a healthy lifestyle with his family and two Greyhound dogs.

The Team

Gunjan Siddha

Co-Founder, Head of Product and Tech

Gunjan, Co-Founder & COO of Woices, is an Engineer and MBA, with 16 years of experience in USA, spanning multiple business domains, industry verticals and world geographies including successful start-ups. Gunjan handles product development for Woices and plays active role in collaborating efforts on marketing & promotion, sales, online presence & awareness, customer acquisition, funding, team building etc. Gunjan has also been involved in promoting sustainability and happiness through behavior change and holistic and organic lifestyle.

Michael Soza


Michael is a partner with Vavrinek, Trine, Day and Co., LLP. He is also the president of Global Recruiters of Walnut Creek. He has over 30 years of business experience working with public and private companies ranging in size from start ups to multinational enterprises. He began his career at KPMG LLP, where he was a financial services partner in San Francisco. He later was a partner with a regional firm and BDO USA, LLP. Mike is currently the board chair for the St. Francis Foundation in San Francisco. He also serves on the board of advisors of the Leventhal School of Accounting at the University of Southern California. He is a member of the California Society of CPAs and past president of the San Francisco Chapter, and a member of the AICPA. Mike earned a Masters of Business Administration from St.Mary’s College of California and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.


Cause and effect is a simple yet invaluable concept that is learned at a very young age. If you touch the stove, Then you will get burned. If you don’t eat, Then you will get hungry. As we mature, this set of causal relationships is engrained in our behavior. We become hardwired to avoid negative consequences.

Technology Worth Implementing
Compliance. Engagement. Insight. The Woices App provides companies with all of these. So let’s ask the question - is it worth it?
In today’s modern business, technology is advancing at a breakneck pace that leave many scratching their heads. The question becomes what technologies are worth the investment?

Woices: The Missing Link in Reporting Workplace Harassment
A nationwide survey launched by Stop Street Harassment to understand why the #MeToomovement gained so much traction has revealed that 81% of women and 43% of men in the United States have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lives. Approximately 26% of these sexual harassment cases occurred in the victim’s workplace.

Small Businesses and Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment can happen anywhere. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company with thousands of employees or a small startup sharing a co-working space, sexual harassment can and does happen. So what do you do when it happens? For small companies, this answer isn’t always clear, which can encourage a culture of staying silent.

Successful companies encourage employee engagement at every level. Think innovation and the brightest ideas come only from top level executives? Think again!

Happier Employee = Greater Productivity
33% - We spend about a third of our lives at work! Let that sink in. It’s no longer a secret. Having a positive work culture directly influences employees in a positive way. Happy employees are much more likely to give it their best at work (think productivity).

Giving a Voice to The Silent Majority

    “We’re on the best places to work list!” It’s something employers love to brag about, but one has to wonder whether the lists serve a useful purpose. Workplace rankings can be found all over the web. They’re featured on sites such as Business Insider, Glassdoor, and Forbes, just to name a few.

Announcing Our Partnership With 55B.Cloud And Codey

    This is great news for Woices to enter into a partnership with Codey (first product from http://55b.cloud AI Research lab). Woices together with Codey will empower organizations to understand their knowledge workers better, retain current employees and attract talent.

  • Can employee delete sent or received messages?
  • Yes, they can
  • Does receive ever get to know employee's identity?
  • Never, unless employee chooses to disclose himself/herself in a message
  • What if messages need to be fed into organization's system or backend via an API (instead of sent to a smartphone)?
  • This is possible
  • Can employees send additional information such as location or images?
  • Yes, they can